1. Age 1-15- Very good kid, athletic, above average student, polite, respectful, parents proud of me.
  1. Age 16- Began drinking, smoking pot and taking speed.
  • Consequences- 1st DUI, kicked off high school football team, began to experience blackouts.
  1. Age 17- Alcohol, Pot, speed, qualudes, valium, cocaine, hash.
  • Consequences- 2nd DUI, jail time, continued blackouts, motorcycle accidents I don’t remember.
    Emergency room incident with alcohol poisoning 5 times limit at .42 (legally dead).
  1. Age 18- Alcohol, pot, speed, qualudes, valium, cocaine, hash, mushrooms, acid, LSD.
  • Consequences- continued blackouts not knowing if I drove car or not, kicked off of high school soccer team (lost scholarship), stealing money from parents, physical altercation with parents when wasted,
    ***Sent to treatment first time (agreed to go so I could get back onto soccer team) Sober 6 months and relapsed. Knew I wasn’t ready and had not hit bottom yet.
  1. Age 19- Continued same drug usage as listed above but now began to deal drugs when I moved out.
  • Consequences- 3rd DUI (more jail time & suspended license), fell off roof of home & broke both cheek bones, continued blackouts.
  1. Age 20—4th DUI (license suspended for 7 years, 1 year in jail) DUI was on suspended license and I wrecked car injuring friends and stranger.