1. Age 21 -Agreed to 30 day treatment at the same facility i went to first time and to participate in halfway house after i graduated from treatment.
  • Landed job with Japanese auto manufacturer (24 years perfect attendance).
  • Promoted 3 times to middle management of auto manufacturer.
  • While working in auto company started my own Thoroughbred racing company and made my first $1,000,000.
  1. Age 46- Left company and began my own consulting company (still active in 2016)
  2. Age 47- In addition to consulting company started my own bungee operation in California
  3. Age 49&50- invested all my retirement into 4 US businesses.
  • My addiction to drugs converted to passion for SUCCESS.
  • My counselor in rehab said something that stuck with me and that was “you now need to find another activity to get addicted too”.
  1. 2016 is 30 years SOBER